7-day free trial:
The free trial lasts for a period of 7 days. Only one free trial per person. You will be required to enter your payment details at the beginning of this period, but no payment will be taken until the trial period has concluded. Paid subscription starts automatically after the free trial period unless cancelled. If you choose to cancel your licence within this period no payment will be taken. At the end of your 7-day free trial you will receive an email offering you the option to cancel or to change the form of your licence purchase from monthly fee to outright and vice-versa.

Monthly fee licence:
Entitles user to all upgrades and new features during the 3-year monthly fee period during which 36 payments will be taken. If, after three years, the option is taken to upgrade to a lifetime licence at no extra cost, then lifetime licence conditions will apply. Monthly fee payments may be cancelled at any time after which access to the app will be withdrawn.

Outright purchase licence:
All upgrades will be free. New features that we might introduce will be optional and available on payment of an additional fee.

Changing your licence type:
You can change your licence type within the 7-day free trial period from monthly to lifetime, and vice versa. To change your licence type: log in to the app, go into "Settings", select "Change Your Subscription" and then select "Change Subscription".

How to cancel payment

During the 7-day trial period:
No payment will be taken from members who have chosen either the monthly or lifetime licence and cancel before the end of the 7-day trial period. To cancel your licence: log in to the app, go into "Settings", select "Change Your Subscription" and then select "Cancel". On cancellation your account will be deleted from our system.

After the trial period:
Members with a monthly licence can cancel (or pause) their licence at anytime by following the instructions detailed above. Please note: licences are purchased on a monthly basis - on cancellation your licence will remain active until the end of its current payment period. After this time your access to the app will be suspended - but your account will remain in our system so you can reactivate the licence at any time in the future.

Reactivating your monthly licence:
You can reactivate your licence at anytime for a minimum period of one month. To reactivate your licence log in to the app, go into "Settings", select "Change Your Subscription" then select "Reactivate".